Pedicab City tours

Sit back and relax in a pedicab on a private citytour of Amsterdam. Visit the most important sights and hidden gems, while learning about their history by an Amsterdam local as you drive through the 17th century canal district, medieval old centre and the 19th century museum quarter.

A pedicab tour is a very unique service that allows you to see the most important highlights in just 2-4 hours. In that time we can cover an area that would likely take at least multiple days on a walking tour. Ideal for people who like to get the most out of their (short) stay in Amsterdam, like to get a good overview of what to visit on a longer trip, or just aren’t able anymore to walk large distances by foot. We will make plenty of stops and I love to go in depth on topics that have played a significant part in the history of the city as well as those relevant today. My tours are focused on the history of Amsterdam from the very beginning, through the centuries till present day. Not only will i talk about the sights we can still see nowadays, but also about those that disappeared but played a significant role in the history of the city, like for example parts of the jewish neighberhood. Being a native-born local, I can share also the changes I have personally witnessed in the last 4 decades and put everything into a bigger perspective. Besides the main highlights, we can visit locations almost no other guide covers. Amsterdam’s rich and extensive historical heritage is leaving plenty of beautiful places  unvisited by other tourguides that  just shouldn’t be missed!

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